Consultancy activity is tailor made to support decision making for policy, plans, and products in a multidisciplinary, systemic and holistic way, following  the principles of sustainability

-Evaluation and monitoring, including SEA / EIA
-Participation and stakeholders management
-Process design and planning
-Corporate Social Responsibility
-Innovation processes
-Future Scenarios
The research and development is considered the core activity of Future Dynamics that can guarantee a sound and strong support to the consultancy and the training assignments.
Investigating concept  methods, tools and best practices we can ensure to our costumers cutting edge and innovative solutions based on the most advanced state of the art  of different issues in sustainable development theory and practice.
The training activity is focusing on teambuilding and management courses that are cutting-edge and always surprisingly inspiring, involving actively and passionfully all the participants.

-Sustainable development principles
-Innovation and creativity
-Communication and participation
-System thinking
-Future visioning, backcasting
-Evaluation techniques

Facilitation of decision making and policy making processes rappresents akey activity of our network.
We have developed a very large experience in stakeholders analysis and management through very innovative/creative and highly involving methodologies.
We can design and facilitate large public participation processes based on an information /knowledge/ awareness/ loop, both for local administrations and private enterprises
Process design is vital to achieve sustainable development.
Future Dynamics developed and outstanding experience in designing processes within
system thinking perspective coupling short-long terms strategies, evaluating impacts from local to global level, on the base of large participation and within a truly trans-disciplinary approach.
We can successfully manage processes from the strategic plan, to its implementation and final assessment.

Future Dynamics has developed a very innovative methodology to explain complex concepts as:
-sustainable development
-system thinking
-future scenarios methodologies
-innovation and creativity processes

through our chef schools we can explain these concept in a simple and understandable way using the
preparation of a dinner as a metaphor, which empower the participant to use practically these concept on a daily base

Future Dynamics experts can provide high level lectures and talks aimed to both inform and inspire audiences on our sustainable development related topics, from technical issues, to methodological one and to the presentation of innovative best practices.
All the lectures are tailor made to fit at best the audience within their expectations and requirements.

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